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For Sale Kawamura Special Nishiki


Aug 14, 2013
This is a high end Kawamura Nishiki in Chrome, a gorgeous vintage bike.

50.8cm seat tube, C2C.
57cm top tube, C2C.
40.3cm chain stay.
97.75cm wheelbase.
61.5cm from handlebars to center of seat post.

The geometry is vintage racing, a lot more relaxed than today's standards but a true racing bike none the less. The biggest difference is that your body will thank you for it at the end of the day :)

It has the following vintage components:

Handlebar is a Nitto World Champion with about 38cm spread
Nitto stem? Faded sticker on it. Nice flutting. About 75mm length.
Shimano 600 arabesque shifter, derailleurs.
Dia Compe G brake calipers.
Shimano Exagen Motion Levers.
Shimano 105 pedals with Christophe leather straps.
Sugino Mighty crank, half step 152/42 rings, with drilium and 165mm arms. If the arms would had been 175 this bike probably would have fitted me better or worse; I would have parted the bike to put this crank on another bike...
Early Dura Ace freewheel hubs with a 5 speed freewheel (because anything larger would be wrong).
Ar-En-Ciel tubular Competition Champion rims in a manly 36 spoke setup. These are sweet, true vintage power.
Selle Italia saddle.

Located in Aomori prefecture, but I imagine that black cat would not be that bad.

Asking 70,000 for this package of total vintage awesomeness. Nothing says retro greatness like a chrome frame :)

2016-02-14 11.45.29.jpg 2016-02-14 11.44.52.jpg 2016-02-14 11.44.57.jpg 2016-02-14 11.45.07.jpg 2016-02-14 11.45.17.jpg 2016-02-14 11.45.40.jpg 2016-02-14 11.45.48.jpg 2016-02-14 11.46.00.jpg 2016-02-14 11.46.06.jpg 2016-02-14 11.46.36.jpg
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