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Kawagoe Tour De Japan Stage 1


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Jan 14, 2007
March 15th: (JCRC) Tour De Japan Stage 1: Kawagoe. 日刊スポーツの公式サイト

May go out and cheer a few of my friends (from 3 or 4 clubs). Do a light run for my marathon training if the weather is nice as well.

Can see a Positivo rider (L#dw#g) will be riding... too..
Looks like a new gaijin from the U.S base who has gone from X class straight into S class. He must be lightning. Going to be a good battle there. Our Semas SS class riders are in fine form right now... One coming 1st, 3rd, & 1st in the first 3 JCRC S class races so far this year.

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