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Karuizawa Suggestions?


Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
I have a wedding to go to in Karuizawa on Saturday 5/31. The thought of which, of course, got the old cogs cogitating.

I could ride up on Friday, but the direct route from Aoba-ku in Yokohama would be route 20. Route 20 just sucks all the way to Lake Suwa.

I could take the train to somewhere and go over some interesting passes, but nothing logical besides Usui Toge comes to mind. Anyone have some good ideas?

I thought of taking the train to Chichibu and riding route 299 over Shigazaka Pass, then hanging a right onto route 45, over Shionosawa Pass, onto route 254, then route 43 over Wami Pass straight to Karuizawa. Or should I use route 51 to connect to route 18 just to have the pleasure of climbing Usui Pass?

In any case I have made what seemed like sensible plans in this area, only to find that the only road that gets to where I am going is a washed-out riverbed that had a prefectural route number on the map

Anybody know if all the roads above are actually paved?

Of course if anyone is offering companionship as well as (or in lieu of) advice, I'd be happy to have someone to ride with.

I had a plan to ride Edo river to Tone river then Tone river to as close as Karuizawa as possible stay Karuizawa one night then to Hakuba the next day....
(probably no help to you) just thought I'd throw it out there....
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