Just so you know who's lurking...

Oct 13, 2011
I'm afraid I won't have much to contribute to the forums, as I have very little cycling or bike-related expertise. It's not false modesty, I assure you. I can't even look at the bike crimes thread because I'm terrified there will be something about me. ("A scrawny gaijin obachan was barreling down Meiji-dori on a stock Langster with pink Schwalbes, panicked when she came up behind a parked cement truck, and pulled to a dangerously quick stop behind it." That's the kind of rider I still am.)

I'm a chick, late 30s, ride every day but just basically to get around. But I love riding and am obsessed with bikes and I feel dreadful if I don't get in at least 30 km on a given day.

I won't clog up your threads with my non-expertise. I'll keep reading, though, because I want to get better and I really am not sure how to make the transition from being a point-A-to-point-B rider to being a real one.
May 22, 2007
Hey there. Nothing wrong with A-to-B. It's called Utility Cycling and it is by far the most widespread form of cycling in the world.

However, hunting in packs can be fun. And it's a great way to learn about bikes, make new friends, and see parts of the city that most people don't. Ever.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Don't worry Mike's a big girl too, unfortunately he rides in to the back of cars and trucks. :p

But welcome to the forums, never fear we all start at the beginning and everyone no matter thier level is free to voice thier feelings and knowledge.

Apart from Owen of course. :D
Sep 2, 2009
Hi, leeleedesu.

Yeah, what they said.

And to be honest, this place is such a sausage-fest, reports of a woman on a decent bike giving it some hammer and then braking like a beast would be the first post in the very opposite of the 'Bike Crimes' thread.

Looking forward to riding with you at some point, if our paths cross.

(Welcome, by the way!)