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Jan 13, 2015
@andywood I wouldn't be too worried about the effect of the detergent on the rotors and pads, but more about all that spraying etc causing some of the drivetrain dirt to get onto the rear disk/pads, that's all. look at your pics, there's oil stains all over the chainstay on the drivetrain side. those things can get everywhere, even if one is really careful.


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Jan 13, 2015
I'm the bike equivalent of a luddite--rim brakes, tubes, and triples.
I'm with you @jdd , can't be bothered with tubeless, unless it's MTB or really hardcore gravel where you need some reeeeally low pressure etc.

likewise with brakes. disks are definitely a more advanced technology, but with 23-25mm tires on a road setup, the tires are always going to be the limiting factor in the whole system, so might as well take a bit simpler and lighter option of the rims. especially for fair weather cyclists like me... but probably a tech that's slowly gonna die off in the near future I think

I would also be much more open to a 3x system in the front, then a 1x. it's only that it's no longer available in any modern groupset, so I stick with 2x for now
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Apr 15, 2014
Nerima Ward
Joined a buddy on an early morning ride today. Work from home, more regular hours have meant that early morning rides have become more realistic for me not finishing work at 22:30.

Left home around 5:15am and ended up smashing out 70km with a few photo stops and home by @ 8:45am. Kind of suffering now and will probably have a nap. Did 1/2 my weekly goal before breakfast today.

Hope to do 2-3 morning 50km rides each week and if weather bad I’ve got the indoor trainer.
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Aug 7, 2014
Flat 50 on my roadbike this morning. Lovely quiet brakes and drivetrain, as opposed to the long day out yesterday on the wiggle tank.(The clearance for the newly installed mudguards didn't work on the rear and disc brake squeak)


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Jan 24, 2018
you just ride a crazy amount more than everyone else. Just saw how pitiful my 600km this month is compared to your efforts.
There's absolutely nothing pitiful about your rides. They are awesome, exquisitely presented and thoroughly enjoyable to track. I get to find something enjoyable about every cyclist's rides. I am only lucky that I get to spend a bit more time on the bike than most because my wife is glad to see the back of me and she basically looks after our lives.
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Oct 25, 2011
Setagaya, Tokyo
The basic clean after each ride is a water hose to get the dirt and / or sand off.
o_O Bloody hell!
No wonder I have so much trouble with my bikes. I'm too bloody lazy to make this effort.
Same here, maybe I clean my bike after each season! ;)

I ordered a new pair of cycling shoes from bike24 in Germany today. Same Giro Cylinder that I've worn for a few years. I bought the previous pair from a bike shop in Siena, Tuscany while cyclotouring from Perugia to Florence with my son and put 23,000 km on them so far. They are showing their age by now.

The fit has been perfect and I love the Boa L6 wheel to tighten / loosen them. So easy to put on or take off! I'm not going back to shoe laces or velcro straps.

On the weekend I visited Saijoji temple in Minamiashigara with my wife. We drove there in our new 7 year old car which we had picked up from the dealer on Thursday, covering 180 km - not too different a distance from my usual weekend bike rides ;)