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June 14/2012 - takao and possibly more


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
Hey all,

I know its short notice but I will head out to ride takao today after 12 noon, so if you are looking for a ride just reply with when you want to meet.

I am not a super fast rider or whatever and will wait for anyone at the top of climbs, basically this is a beginner - intermediate ride

I will head out from Hino and be going past Takao station so we could meet there, and like I said I will be in that area around 12:00 or so.

I am going to ride both sides of Takao and either head further on after the first decent towards Uenohara, or on the way back I might try to find my way towards Wada pass area (I won't ride the pass likely but will try tack on some extra miles)

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