June 11, tour de westside/いってきまーす

Start at MusashiIstukaichi station 10am. Up over tomin-no-mori/kazahari. Down along Okutama to Ome area. And there's a brewery somewhere over there...

One big climb. One big descent.

This was my first TCC ride and first hillclimb (on the same steel bike:eek:). Join me one last time before I head back to the states for a new career and new adventures!!

Rules, bring a sense of humor for those of us that will be slow.
Don't call this a sayanora ride. It's an 行ってきまーーす ride. I fear that I'm too in love with these mountains to stay away very long. :angel:
Be on time. It's already a late start. ;)
Thomas, that's a super nice idea. Thank you.
However, it was Tour de Westside before and somehow I think I'd be a little sad if a route as simple as this got named after me. I mean, there is no riding through the night, (presumably) no snow storms or stupidly cold/hot conditions, no gravel...

I'm sure I'll be back, if only to vacation and ride, can I save the honor?


Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
Having come through my nearly two-year tunnel of sickness and injuries, I am back (sort of.)

Can't believe that in the meantime you have come back to Japan and are leaving already. Would love to do this last ride with you, although I might wander over Imagawa pass after Kazahari since I need to train for Utsukushigahara.

I can catch a train arriving at Itsukaichi at 9:54 and be ready to roll in abound 10 minutes. Is this OK?



Speeding Up
Jul 19, 2006
Hey guys,
I'm planning to join also.
Would anyone have a map of the ride? Or at least know distance from station and back?


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Your map, sir!

Got a map for this one?

Starts at Musashi-Itsukaichi station, and climbs up steadily to Kazahari-toge - Notably, "The highest road in Tokyo, at 1,146m". Then comes a beautiful 12km descent to Okutama-ko Lake, where there is a soba shop of some repute (both good & bad, depending on whom you speak to).
From there, the easiest way back to civilization is to follow Ome-Kaido back to Ome, and then to Haijima. *Note: The finishing point is the Ishikawa Brewery, where we'll all say goodbye to Kori with a choice of fine beverages.

Some people may also wish to choose a more mountainous route back to the brewery from Okutama-ko (lake) itself.

Once we have a proper idea of the number of riders involved, it might be a good idea for someone to actually make a booking at Ishikawa's.

Oh yeah, I'll be there too!:D
Sep 2, 2009

I need to be your friend on that site to see the map. I have added you.


>Thanks mate! Can see it fine now.


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
Tokyo (Nezu)
What are everyone's plans? Is anyone planning on riding to and from Tokyo on this ride, or is everyone taking the train? I ask because the mention of the brewery afterwards is very tempting, but I can't see myself working that in at the 75% point of what would be a 190-200km ride and still making it home safely and at a reasonable hour.