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Ride July 26 Sakura-Kujukuri Beach-Tone


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Sep 1, 2007
Thomas and I are doing a "freeter" run on Monday July 26, if anyone is interested/free. Northern Chiba loop from Sakura to the Tone, downstream to Sawara, cut east of the airport to the Kujukuri coast, then inland back to Sakura. About 140 km, mostly dead flat.


Meeting at 8 AM at the Sakura windmill just off the 296.


This will be a fast-ish run and we both need to be back home fairly early; all welcome but please bring maps/Garmins to continue alone if you think you might fall off the pace (or if I slow you down :))
Would really love to join this ride, got a feeling I have to work though. I wonder if cyclitus can get me signed off from work???
I would be really interested to join this, but cannot commit at this point because of all the cycling related action this weekend. An alleycat, polo nationals and oval racing, plus the related partying make it doubtful that I can drag myself to Chiba early enough.

I will monitor (and nurish) my well-being closely and if there is enough juice left make a definite reply on Sunday evening.

And about Chiba being flat, the last time I did a long training run I thought the same. Brought a fixed gear with velodrome gearing 51x15, which killed me thanks to the always rolling hills and the cross-winds. I won't underestimate Chiba again.:cool:
Weather's looking good for tomorrow, so looks like we're on. Confirmed are

David (trucksan)

See you tomorrow gents.
It pains me (everywhere) to admit that I'm completely spent.
I wish all of you early starters a good day in the saddle while I lick my wounds.

Hoping for a genki next time soon!:bike:

Thomas, David, many thanks for the superb ride and company today. Hope you both made it home safe and sound.

(Thomas, many apologies for tearing you away from B&B beach and for making you pull into all the headwinds on the return leg... :eek:)
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