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July 20th Gunma CSC Course


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007


I've never been here so can't explain the course very well.


I'm tempted to do this race for training and to get me more comitted to doing some more hill climbs next year.

Can anybody explain in detail how the course is?

6km lap of ? How steep does it go?
It seems that a lot of good riders often get lapped on this course in races and have to drop out. I'd hate to pay, go all the way there and get lapped early having to pull out...
Just found this link... http://www.gummacsc.com/circuit.htm

I may even go as a spectator this year and try and get a warm up lap or two in before the day starts.

mob has expressed interest in going.
Anybody else?

July 7th is the deadline for applications.

Yeah, I raced here about um... oh man... uh, five years ago.
Let's see. It depends which way they run the course.
The direction I did it with the switchback climb was steep, especially right AT the switchback, and the pack gets cramed up there. Good place to be at the front if you can. It's up down every lap and none of the climbs are really long enough to find a rhythm, so they really encourage attacking. The start finish area is the longest straight ahead veiw and even that's uphill. The descent was great. Love the pavement for these courses. Though I think it's better than the Shizengi course. You can lean the bike WAY over in the corners. The corners are NOT sweepers whatsoever, they are technical and if youve done Crits then they are nice and tight like that. I actually found the up down rollers after the descent to be the most painful part. Again, hard to find a rhythm and lots of attacks go on. I would imagine if they ran it the other way the climb would be longer and steadier, the descents staighter and faster. I guess that would be a better hill climb training scenerio. The course is hard. The time I did it they let eveyone finish and many got lapped (100 kilometers). Have fun, it's very beautiful there.
Still undecided but spoke to a team mate on Tuesday night about it.
Seeing as I've ver really tried a hilly course in a graded race...I'd most likely get lapped early in D class and have to pull out.
That's a wastes of time and money and probably not worth the risk.

Z class however is open to all levels and it's more an endurance race so if you get lapped you can latch on to the faster guys till you get dropped again.

Good value for money, you get to test your hill legs without having to worry about getting dropped and you can figure out if you can handle the graded races next time around....

3 days to decide.... Z class may fill up early though.
I think what Lyle wrote about the track is very much true.
On the CSC website they state that the elevation difference is 42 meters.

I rode there in April this year, JCRC race, D class, 5 laps = 30 km. I almost immediately lost contact with the peloton on the first ascent. Finished last place in 1:01:37 while the winner needed only 50 minutes. My average speed was 29 km/hr the winner was at 36 km/hr. On the other hand, my performance would be good enough to finish acceptable in the E or F class.

I don't understand why there is this rumour that riders need to stop once they get lapped. I cannot confirm this for JCRC races so far. I have heard about this in case of JCBF races, but I guess we just need to ask JCRC in case of doubt.

I any case I agree that Z class makes a lot of sense. But don't expect to jump on the wheel of a faster rider. They are simply too fast. This will be a lonely fight. Despite the last place I enjoyed the track and the race a lot.

JCRC has announced today that the deadline for registration is anticipated to July 5th instead of July 7th, it you want to attend better hurry up.

So far not too many entries, only 7 for the Z class and 4 for the D. You can check that for yourself at the JCRC site : https://www.jcrc-net.jp/entry_list/member_list.cgi

Check the lower buttom, then check the D class bottom.
So I feel pretty ok to race there. I am so confident that on the day before I will race in a 4 rider team at the Tsukuba eight hour endurance.

Let's hope that this will work out.
I'd love to try this race very mcuh (enduro part).. almost signed up, but after inspecting (once again) my financial status decided to wait. I will be in red at least until 16th of July... ohgodthissuckssomuchihateit! :(

Thank you, Edogawakikkoman, for your introduction, though - I will be on look-out from now on.
I won't be going afterall..that day I'll be driving my bother back to the airport.
The weekend before we'll be riding the hills in Nagano so I won't be able to make the Tour De Westside either. :warau:

From the 22nd though I have 6 weeks off so I may even go to Gunma and ride the course alone on a weekday.
Fuji Speedway

OK, registration is anyway closed since yesterday. 37 riders for the D class race, quite a lot.

Alain from NFCC and me attended the Fuji Speedway 3.5 hrs endurance race as a two men team today. I thought that would be a relay, but in fact each of us had to ride the whole 3.5 hrs and then the number of laps of the two of us is added to decide the winning team. That was a first nasty surprise. The second surprise was, that Fuji Speedway, despite being a Formula Once Track, is quite hilly. In the end I did more than 1.000 meters of climbing today.

We ended up in fourth place, will write later about it on the Positivo Espresso blog. We even won a big bag with goodies, later it turned out there were 2 bottles of sports drinks inside, app. value 300 Yen.

This race was an excellent training for Gunma. Hope I get some more sports drinks for free there as well.
Allsports was also at Fuji, so another round of research.
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