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July 18 (Saturday)


Speeding Up
Feb 15, 2007
I will ride the Tour de Christoph Saturday (7/18) and would welcome the company.

Meeting points & departure
1) Kamiuma (Tokyo) 06:30 Departure
2) Hon Atsugi 08:00 Departure

Tokyo > Hon Atsugi > Yabitsu Pass > 518/517 > 35 (towards Otsuki) > 24 > 413 > Hashimoto or Hon Atsugi > Tokyo (235km)

1) Yabitsu Pass is a steep and challenging 15km climb followed by a fast technical descent through fantastic scenery. The start of the climb is brutal.

2) Routes 518 & 517 roller-coast there way through small villages along forest roads. Lots of short climbs, fast descents, and tight corners are guaranteed to put a grin on your face.

3) Route 35 is an old postal road that takes you out of Tokyo into the mountains of Yamanashi. You will be climbing for 20km of its 30km length.

4) Route 24 climbs up for 12km to over 1,000 meters. The roll down the other side through long fast chicanes is breathtaking (and sometimes heart-pounding if you get your line wrong through the bends).

5) Route 413 is (almost) all downhill for 30km. This is fast riding where you use power to push big gears. If you push to hard / to long your legs will turn to jelly. If you get it right you are rewarded with a 50kph+ descent through long predictable curves. A real thrill!
Count me in Philip. Don't wanna miss this one as it's one of my favourites.
Mike & Clay,

Thank you for a superb day. 230km and home by 17:00. Mike - the coke (Coca Cola) I had at the "water melon combini" worked a miracle.


Thanks for a great ride guys. I think I'm slowly improving each ride, although still a long way off peak form. Philip I'm glad you explained what kind of coke you took, wouldn't want to be mistake for a drug dealer or anything:D Good old coke really works!
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