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July 11 (Saturday)


Speeding Up
Feb 15, 2007
For those who do not own a rinko bukuro, a 210km loop from Tokyo and back via Tanzawako, Mikuni and Yamanakako.

Would welcome the company,


Well, jeez, if you're going to be doing Mikuni, maybe Clay and I could start the loop from Hon-Atsugi and ride with you from there. What do you think, Clay?

Philip, would you be riding by Hon-Atsugi?

Maybe I'll join you from Hon Atsugi if the pace is not too fast. Obviously you guys will go for it up the hills but with my form ATM even the flats are hurting. Let me know what kind of ride you're hoping for. I need long and slow right now, which Clay you seem unable to do;) There's no point me coming if you're pushing it hard all the way.
Hi Deej,

I will pass Hon-Atsugi @ 07:50:

Kamiuma (Tokyo) 06:30
Hon Atsugi 07:50
R710 7/11 09:30
Bridge / rindo gate leading to Tanzawako 10:30
Mikuni 7/11 11:30
Mikuni top 13:00
Yamanako 7/11 14:00 (depart)
Hashimoto 15:45
Kamiuma 17:30


Sounds like a good plan to me. Sure, we can give it a go up the hills but I'm happy to cruise in the meantime.
Meet at Hon Atsugi North Exit - outside the Lawson on the other side of the road?

Around 07:45AM and depart 08:00AM?

Travis, Travis' baby, Mike, Clay and Deej, thank you for a great days cycling :D A few mishaps. Mike crashed due to the ice like algae that is flourishing in the hot weather (some nasty abrasions but he sure looked tough). Clay punctured. We lost Travis and his baby. Then we lost Mike and Deej (we were worried about you Mike being lost in the mountains with the "Gay Cowboy"). And finally I managed to lose Clay. However, everyone made it home alive I assume.

Next weekend???

Yep agree, great ride but am definitely feeling it today. Man Mikuni is a beast of a climb. Thanks for organising it Philip and I'd love to ride next week too. Cheers:beer2:
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