Sold! Jersey Bargains (Rapha, Endless, Team DreamTeam, Bonsai)


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Need to make some space in the closet for spring, so selling these Jerseys (and jacket)
All jerseys have been washed immediately after every ride (I'm a neat freak!)
Jerseys are still in pristine condition. Bonsai jersey has one fabric defect on one sleeve, but nothing that impact the function
The Pro team jacket has had a lot of use during the last few winter seasons and it shows here and there, but still intact, no broken seams, fully functional

Selling the whole as kit for a bargain deal 9000yen

Can sell individual piece for a slightly higher price if no-one is interested in the kit (Prices below)

Can meat up in Shibuya/Shinjuku/Ikebukuro on weekdays evening after work for Face to face transaction, or send by U-pack if you pay for shipping, and do a bank transfer for the kit.

Rapha Pro Team training LS Jersey Navy Blue Size S (Perfect from spring autumn) ¥3000

Rapha Pro Team Jacket (Brushed "fleece" inside, a merino base and this jacket has kept me warm through the last few winters here) ¥4000

Endless Lines (blue) SS Jersey Size S ¥2500

Endless Burgundy Fade SS Jerseyv Size M ¥2500

Dream Team Cycling Team Ministripe Purplefade SS Jersey Size S ¥2500

Bonsai SS Jersey Size M (Champion systems) ¥1500