JCRC Tour of Japan 2012


Speeding Up
Jan 30, 2011
So I checked out the JCRC website and found that they have posted this year's race schedule.

It looks like the first race is in Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture. That's really far from here but I am determined to do it. The first day looks like its for track bikes on the velodrome so that will give me some time to get there.

Being that it is 3 months from now, I will start getting my base miles and doing intervals up and down the Arakawa.

Hope to start training with you guys again and maybe I will try a hill climb race this year too (>_<)



Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
See you at the races Eric.... I will be racing a full season this year including the JCRC.


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
JCRC is getting cheap... only eight out of formerly 11 annual races in the series left. Kawagoe, Hitachi-Naka, Shiobara - all gone!
Gone or not yet scheduled... (probably gone).
The cancellations last year may have made them re-think.
Kawagoe was never a good one. Hitachinaka is a little too close to the fall out zone. Miyakejima was a nice idea but they never got enough people to go out there....

The JCRC head officials are also getting on and probably don't want to work as hard (for nothing).

The first JCRC Nikkan Sports Stage race I ever did was in Saitama between where the new COSTCO was and the next train station tunnel before Yoshikawa station. Was a nice course on the straights except for the 90 degree uphill turns straight out of the end of the tunnels... Actually it was the worst course I've ever raced on... It was my debut race!!! 2003?

They need to find some better road venues. They should do one at the Japan Cup course in Utsunomiya...that would be cool.

Maybe the JCRC & JBCF should put their heads together and come up with a better system for everybody. And encourage a lot of the smaller teams to combine with neighboring clubs (for tactical purposes). Seems like every Tom Dick and Taro owns a team....



Speeding Up
Oct 9, 2008
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Miyakejima was a nice idea but they never got enough people to go out there....
Well, Miyakejima is still on, even though it attracts far fewer people than any other race. It's an almost family-like event.

I suspect it is all related to subsidies. They have to do the two CSCs (Shuzenji and Gunma) and everything else is a matter of money. Yokkaichi is probably generous. Kawagoe and Hitachi-naka are not. Shiobara has no money after the disaster even though not attracting people to the area by even holding an event won't help them either. Miyakejima is probably heavily subsidies by us tax payers in Tokyo... The whole island lives on subsidies...


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
From what I know Kawagoe was damaged (Anyone that has ridden it will wonder if this might be an improvement?)

I beleive the cancelation of Hitachi Naka is due to funding as money is going in to repair of the Earthquake/Tsunami damage.

From what I understand is that they will look for other venues and maybe double up.