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JCRC Race May 2 第1回特別戦 in NATS


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
May 2, on the NATS course near Narita Airport. Short circuit races (<10km), with a wide range of classes, including beginners and masters.

Pete (or anyone) have you ever raced on this course? It looks flat but very technical.

Not sure if I want to sign up--I miss qualifying for the 40+ master's class by six days :cry:, and I'm really not ready for a 10km sprint in C以上の選手, which is my only other choice.
I did it once in the rain with Trucksan. With my heavy frame I wasn't handling the hairpin turns with confidence and said I'd never ride there again.
You have to push yourself really hard after every turn.
The course is only 1km long I think and very technical. Quite flat. A small rise that is no problem.
Our best rider won the TT on it and averaged 45kph for the one lap.

It is much more difficult than Friendly Park. It suits light weights who are good sprinters.

to all,
As of today I plan on racing the NATS circuit on the 2nd of May. Will be coming from the Tachikawa area in Tokyo. will be driving... just let me know. Question: Does anyone have any info on a Hino cycling/racing team? I always see them at races and around Tokyo riding, love thier jerseys would like to get with them or a good team for more racing and training Anyone have any ideals and or suggestions?

I wouldn't recommend it. These flat races with tight curves and points to get by the round tend to have lots of crashes. I rode in the first JCRC race this year in Kawagoe - similarly ugly course (except for the surrounding park). People were crashing left and right. I almost crashed myself twice into rides crashing ahead of me. Saw another crash right in front of me as I was watching another race. The race statistics also showed that almost all races had a handful of crashed riders each.

Much better to go for races with strong slopes, so the field falls apart quickly and you are much safer. Rode the second race in Shuzenji a week later and despite the fast downhills felt much, much safer. The next nice race is in Gunma. See you maybe there?

Cheers, Ludwig
Thanks for the advice/info Ludwig. Have decided to skip this one, though I'll probably go out to watch. I'm actually more afraid of all that tiresome acceleration out of the turns than the crashes... :)

Won't do many circuit races this year, but am hoping to go to Saiko, the season-ender at Hitachinaka, and probably the Seo Bike Festa again. Would like to do Shuzenji some time--how did you do, btw?

smoke > Did you sign up for this? What race will you be in?

I signed up for it.. At Kawagoe I did not see any crashes in the S class I too busy trying to hang on!!!!! No worries I grew up on crits in States so it is all positioning and staying out of the wind, circuit races are the probably best in Japan though. These faster races/classes here its best to stay up front and take a pull if you have to if you want to have type of chance...Whats the Gunma course/race like? Anyone doing the time trial May 10th??
I came in 8th in the E class in Shuzenji and am now leading the E class after two races.:)

Nice results, congrats. Another year, another Positivo Espresso rider tops his division?
I signed up for it..

Might see you there, then--good luck. Sounds like you're a few classes over my head, should be fun to watch the races.

Anyone doing the time trial May 10th??

Yeah, signed up the other day. Did it last year--the only flat road TT in Kanto. 10km out-and-back along the Tone River. Unfortunately the 20km is only open to the 登録者の部 (registered with the Japan Cycling Federation and resident of Saitama). Thread here.
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