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Jason in Shinjuku


Jun 27, 2007
Hello everyone,

I finally bought a bike for the first time in 7 years a few days ago. I've been living abroad the past 7 years (South Korea and Japan) and sold my mountain bike before leaving the U.S. So now I'm very excited to have a bike again!

In the early 80's I raced BMX bikes, I had a nice Diamondback back then. Later in college, I started mountain biking. Now I have a hybrid bike and hope to ride around Tokyo mostly, but also outside the city if I have the chance.

Most of the time I'll be going on somewhat short night rides (after 10pm) starting from the Shinjuku area. Anyone who is nearby and can ride at that time please let me know! I also have some weekday afternoons free as well.

Besides riding, I also play ultimate frisbee every week, and go skimboarding when the tides are good and hike a few times a year.

hi Jason!

Welcome to TCC!

Look forward to riding with you!

To Tokyo and back...

Thanks Ash and Thomas.

Today I took my longest ride from where I live in Shinjuku yet, struggling to find Tokyo station and the Imperial Palace loop. It was glad to find it in the end.

I write small descriptions of my mini-rides around Shinjuku here.

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