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Race japan masters TT 2019


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
I went to Izu Oshima Island this weekend.

A short boat ride from Tokyo to a really cycling friendly destination.

Definitely worth a visit.

The usual race report link and cut and paste below.

Cheers, Andy

「japan masters TT 2019 race report」

<the race>

the japan masters TT is held on the beautiful oshima island

japan national champion jerseys are available for
30~39, 40~49, 50~59 and over 60 japanese nationals

Yamada san and I enter the open category

he's too young
and I'm to british!

<the training>

Yamada san and I did a solid block of specific training

20km TTs
every morning before breakfast!

<the course>

"the sunset palm line"

5km of rolling coast road
strong winds
3 or 4 S curves
out, back, out and back
a 20km challenging TT

<saturday course check>

after 500m...
a front wheel blow out!

we searched high and low
but like convenience stores

oshima Island has no tubular tyres either...

thanks for the spare wheel Yoshida san!!!

after viewing the course
next year we should add more climbing
and more technical work to our training

I practiced the key points
S curves and the turn
several times

the plan is to take no risks
and do the damage on the long rollers

<sunday race day>

a few minor changes to the aerobars after failing to clear the new UCI regulations

nothing compared to the excitement of tyre searching yesterday!

check the course again
warm up
and race


the open class is the last group to start

in the 30s class, strong riders Nakao san and Sagara san are already on the course

in the open class, my main rivals are 19 year old Ogashima san (racing in France for EQADS) and...

Yamada san!

3,2,1 Go!

up to speed quickly

mess up the turn out of the carpark
(no chance to practice the blind corner in training)

up to speed on the descent quickly
the wind stronger than expected
hitting 50 on the flat

drift over the centre line through a curve
a warning from the moto behind


through the S curve

the wind opposite to yesterday
the climb is easier with the wind on your back

more rolling

Nakao san and Sagara san are coming the other way

a few more S curves

44 kph average at the turn

a difficult turn
some sand on the road after the typhoon

down to 43kph coming out

starting 1 minute behind me
Yamada san is coming down the hill as I go up

the climbs into the wind are hard

try to maximize the speed on the descents

the average speed drops
around LTHR
around 330 W

not the 350W I was hoping for
but you have to feel a time trial

the headwind makes the curves easier though

through the start/goal area again

the ringing bell
one more lap

mess up the first corner again

but glad of the wind on my back once more

the same curves, climb and rollers

Sagara san comes into view early

setting a blistering pace

the turn again
meet Yamada san in the same place again

separated by exactly a minute?

last open starter Ogasawara san comes into sight

he is going faster than us

with 5km to go
I know
Yamada san and I are fighting for 2nd and 3rd

over the climb for the 4th time
definitely the slowest!
like treading water!

struggling to get 40kph out on the flat
the headwind seems stronger
likely the legs are weaker!

2km to go, 1km to
doing the maths in my head
I set a 30 minute target

all out on the line...


Yamada san comes in exactly 1 minute and 1 second later


1st place Ogasawara san was so strong and did a 29 minute time

2nd and 3rd for us
got to be happy with that

the training
the taper
the journey to oshima island!

we had a great time

it'll be even better next year!

here we go!
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Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
I assume next year you'll be taking a spare tire and/or a sewing kit!

Schoolboy error!

I had two new tyres. I changed the back but the front looked okay, even checked it at the shop, so I thought I'd keep the new tyre for next year.

Should have thrown it in the bag though!

The one real bike shop on the island was run by a really old man. He dug out a pair of tubulars from the attic. Covered in dust. I was excited to try some decades aged vintage tubs!

Unfortunately they were small tyres and wouldn't take a valve extension anyway...



Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Nice one, Andy! It's been fun following along with your training.

Cheers, I think I did a great build and taper.

The only mistake was a little too much reccying the course the day before. Fun to do it a few times at medium pace with friends. But just focusing on the key points and a few short intervals would have been better.

No regrets though!

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