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Japan Cycling Book


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
A lot of you might already know this book, but it was new to me, so just in case:



Better half picked it up for my birthday. Has some excellent info, nice looking routes, good pictures, and a serviceable English translation.

This plus all the great GW ride reports have me hankering to do a tour!

Yes, I do have it. This book tempted me to do tour to Japan sea coast to coase and also Noto peninsula last year. Next time, I plan to do a tour in Shimokita peninsula up north in Aomori prefecture. I am not sure when it comes true.

I am sure you will find great tour plans in this book. You need a lot of holiday and money.

Minoru Arai
Yes I bought it too, after Araim1's recent recommendation. I'd done routes very similar to 5 of the 10 already, but he's got some nice twists in there. I also bought three books (all in Japanese) by the same author, for Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Tokai regions. Lots of great ideas.
I will using it for rides in Hokkaidou and Shimokita this summer. I was a little surprised that the latter goes counterclockwise around the coast. Does anyone know a special reason why? Generally I prefer to do coastal rides clockwise for better views down to the water.

ETA: had my clock backwards, directions are now correct (I hope).
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