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Sep 8, 2008
Hi all,

I saw in my cyberspace wanderings that the Japan Cup will be held on 25th/26th of this month... is anyone planning on going? I will be newly arrived in Tokyo (fly in on the 25th) so would be interested in perhaps checking out sunday's racing as a spectator.
Anyone been before? Is it good to watch, or is it too far to go and not that exciting?

I go every year. Its a good day out. If you have never been to the races in Japan before, you will be impressed by the set up!

Dooh! Thought you were talking about the horse race of the same name.:eek:

Should be good.

Basso to return to racing in Japan Cup

By Gregor Brown
Basso training during his suspension
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini (Click for larger image)

Italian Ivan Basso seeks to immediately close his period of suspension in the Japan Cup, October 26, according to his Team Liquigas' Manager Roberto Amadio. The 30 year-old will be supported by four teammates as he makes his return from an Operación Puerto-related sanction.

"To win is not easy," said Amadio to Cyclingnews. "It is important for him to race immediately and detach from two years of training and thinking of work -- the result is not as important."

Basso was banned from racing on June 15, 2007, for his links with Spanish Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, centre 2006's Operación Puerto doping investigation. He admitted to giving blood to Fuentes and the Italian cycling federation (FCI) disciplinary commission served him a 16-month suspension. His suspension ends October 24 and the Japan Cup will be his only race in 2008.

Liquigas announced it signed Basso in April for two years. Despite his competition ban, Basso reportedly is training vigorously for his return. He simulated Giro d'Italia stages during the actual race this May and this month, he has completed timed tests on a velodrome near his home in Cassano Magnago.

Basso's preparations mark him as a heavy favourite for the Japan Cup. Finland's Kjell Carlström, Croatia's Vladimir Miholjevic, Slovenia's Gorazd Stangelj and fellow Italian Valerio Agnoli will support him. The team will send Stefano Zanatta as the directeur sportif.

The Japan Cup is in its 17th year and boasts past winners such as Damiano Cunego, Gilberto Simoni and Claudio Chiappucci. It is a challenging parcours that often decided thanks to the Tsuru climb near the finish.

I will go if I can escape the family and dogs and may even ride up. Probably about 80kms from my home.
What a great day!

It was raining when I left this morning and the 2 guys who were coming with me didn't show at the meeting point. (guys in my team). They were waiting near my home and waiting for me to pass. (I'd already passed before they got there).

After 15 minutes I decided to get the train up and took a Misato->Minami Koshigaya->Kurihashi->Utsunomiya 3 train trip.
Just as I got on the 2nd train the guys called me to see where I was... :mad:

Getting to Utsonomiya was easy and without the garmin I would have wasted a lot more time..
It was then about a 24km ride from there and my Garmin did it's magic and got me there with out hassle. I missed the 1st hour but I don't think I missed the best bits...

While watching the 20 minute laps (from about lap 3) I bumped into Koji Fukushima who wasn't riding today. His brother at the time was in the 3 man break away which stayed about 2 minutes in front of the peleton right down to the 2nd last lap. Koji said he's getting too old, but I'm not sure why he wasn't riding. Was very surprised that Koji remembered my name...hadn't spoken to him in 3 years. Got him to sign some of his post cards for my kids too and took a photo with him.

I took about 50 photos and got a film clip of the last 100m which I will upload to youtube just now and edit in a link later.

My 2 friends arrived by car about an hour after I had arrived so the traffic and parking must have been bad. There were so many people watching that I didn't even get to see them.

It finished about 2:10 and I slowly weaved my way through the crowds and began the 125km journey home on my cycle. (150km all up for the day, I got to ride on the course just as the peloton passed and I went up and watched from the finish line.... Took me a while to get onto route 4 then it was smooth sailing. That's an easy road to ride. One pit stop to change the batteries on my light and get some food in.

It really had a European bicycle race flavor to it. Will definitely do it again next year but will ride from 6 a.m and not wait for anybody next time.

Basso & Cunego certainly put on a show for the last 2 laps. Great battle.

Echotree, shame we didn't get to see each other. (maybe we did).

12 second clip from the last 100m. (don't get to see the finish line though).
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