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Japan Cup Interviews

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Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Guys and Gals,

I've been asked by Cyclingtime.com to interview some of the big names in cycling at the Japan Cup this weekend. So I thought I would open the floor to you all to see who you would like interviewed and also to put forward some of the questions you may have.

So far I will be interviewing Robbie McEwen and Oscar Pujol

You need to post quickly as the big day is almost upon us!
Yes I was going to talk about that with him... he's basically becomea national Icon for the Italians.
I would loooooove to come with you, if you had a chance to interview Yukiya:p:p:p hahaha

How about Eri Katayama? I suppose she will be a first rider comparable to Europeans in near future:)


That's a nice opportunity. I'd love to chat with Robbie. He seems like the kind of guy you could talk to all day so questions will probably come quite naturally. Things off the top of my head:

What's it like to be in Japan? Is it your first time? What do you think of the recent rise in Japanese riders in Europe? What is your advice for any young guys looking to make it?

What's your average training week look like? How does this change as you get older? As a sprinter, what's the key to getting to the right place at the right time? Although not a climber, you always seem to make it through the Alps and Pyrenees. What are your strategies for taking on the mountains?

How many years do you think you have left? What are your plans for the future?

Who are your mates in the peloton and why? Tell us about the head butt a few years back. What do you think about Renshaw's emission from this year's tour?

What are your hopes for Saturday's criterium and Sunday's road race?

Fancy a pint after the race????

Anyway James, enjoy the experience. Dan Martin would make a good interview too I think.

I'm heading out for Utsunomiya now….


Hey rommelgc,

Good questions, unfortunately Robbie is way ahead of these ones on his twitter account.
Definitely Gerald Ciolek of Milram. I have good hopes for him in the criterium and the future (he is 24).
Good questions would be:
  • How do you balance work and professional life on the road?
  • Are you looking towards a very active off-season in preparation of joining a new team (Quick-Step in 2011)?
  • What are your expectations/goals for the next season(s)?
  • With Milram disbanding this year, how do you think German professional cycling will develop in the upcoming years?

Hope to see you around James! Please wear your team jersey at all times, to make it easier to identify you;)

I will be in civilians at the Japan Cup, but easy to spot as I will probably be the only Westerner with a TV camera crew in tow
Gutted! Won't be going as my daughters sports day has over run and she takes priority over Robbie aby day of the week.

I've passed some of the questions to the person stepping in for me though
Can you pass another Question?

If so, I would like to hear Robbie's opinion on who are the top 5 current sprinters, all time top 5 and just to get a little political, his thoughts on Cav.
silly Question for Robbie

It seems that Robbie has been involved in too many crashes as the result of spectators. How does he feel about crowd control at major races and what would he do to change it. It seems as cycling gets more and more popular this happens more often. Not much to do with racing but I'm sure he will have a very opinionated answer and ideas to a resolve. People just do not understand how dangerouse it is to jump in front of a cyclist and how much there health and safety is of the so important to there future.
Guys like I said, wasn't able to attend and the press conference was last night.

Closing thread down. I will post a link to the interview when it goes live.
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