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Japan Cup 2008 10/25-26


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007

Free Run. 14.1km

Challenge Race 24.4km

Open Race 80.8km

Ladies 42.3km

Japan Cup (pros) 151.3km

Course http://www.japancup.gr.jp/course/index.html

Not sure if I want to do the race (Challenge kana?) But I'd like to go and watch the pros.
Cunego and Ricco being previous winners.... and other big names http://www.japancup.gr.jp/archives/index.html

Will even try and get up there in the next few weeks and ride the course.

Will edit in more details later.....

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Not keen on doing the race (Hotaka: one brutally hilly road race per year is enough for me), but I'd love to try and get up there to see the pros do their thing. It's a bit of a ways from here though...maybe make a weekend of it.
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