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Japan Coast to Coast (JC2C)


Aug 13, 2011
I'm new to the site and still relatively a novice on the bike. But when it came last summer, my introduction to anything over a 100km ride was a true baptism of fire - a week crossing the Japan Alps from Hamamatsu to Itoigawa. And really it was the scale of that challenge that finally convinced me to switch my MTB for a road bike (Giant Defy 3) and start riding a bit more seriously. I did get bitten by the bug as a result and a few months later the two-day Nagoya to Tsuruga C2C ride in the autumn was a breeze. But work and family commitments mean I haven't been getting as much saddle time as I'd like this year. I feel sorry for the bike every time I walk past it, like a dog that hasn't been taken for a walk in way too long.

Anyway, myself and my Japan Coast to Coast buddies (we cheerfully refer to ourselves as the Three Amigos!) are based in Nagoya but we're hoping to build a wider base for our idea ("Cycling For a Cause") and that starts in a few weeks with two events in Tohoku. More info on our website, link's in my sig.

One of our goals is to make Japan more of a cycling tourism destination, so it's great to read of the extensive riding in all parts of the country that members of this forum are already doing. I look forward to interacting more here and hopefully getting to meet some of you on the road soon.
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