It taint barse hurting

Sep 2, 2009
My barse is in agony.

I haven't moved my position at all, or done anything out of the ordinary on or off the bike.

My stoabie is absolutely wrecking though. Had to shift my seat right forward and down yesterday just to get home. Still hurts today and all I have done is my usual 1000 sit ups.

Anyone else had mystery yet agonising undercarriage distress like this?
Sep 2, 2009
Possibly, but it feels more muscular than a skin / sub-skin cyst kind of deal.

Most likely, I have given myself a Nobby's Piles style punch in the undercarriage with the tip of my saddle whilst absolutely kicking it along on a solo TT somewhere, but didn't notice as I was giving it so much hammer.

Either that, or I am minutes away from death.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
These are hard to chase down ...

1) friction related - will need some time off the saddle or at least use some anti-chafing cream.
2) cyst related - a little deeper issue. If it's causing deep tissue damage then usually prescribed some steroid cream.
3) muscle related - see Chuck, though not unusual if you are progressing as a rider and applying more power.
4) ligament related - some damage to connective tissue is possible. RICE (Rest / Ice / Compression / Massage)
5) Bone / Bruise related - just needs time to heal. Try doubling your bibs and / or increasing the padding or use a 'doughnut' at the tender portion.

I make my own chamois cream with just Shea butter and Oronine. So far, it's my favorite solution to minor irritations and keeping the tender regions in good health. You can also add some oils for various added benefits. I will add a little tea tree oil and chamomile when I feel like a little extra antiseptic / astringent is required. The beauty of this is you can tailor your own for pennies.

If you are riding hard and get some acute injury, then the common NSAIDS might provide relief like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc.


Maximum Pace
Sep 4, 2011
Were you wearing new kit? I bought some top end Spiuk shorts recently but they just dont work for me & cause exactly this problem.
Sep 2, 2009
Nah. The pain has not got worse, and has subsided a bit. I didn't ride yesterday, and am due to ride today, so will see how it goes. I am hoping it is just a case of me bruising my undercarriage somewhere along the way, and it going through the usual motions of being bruised. Will post back my hilarious findings.