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Isaac; Introduction


Oct 9, 2015
Hello I Will be riding in Japan in November 30th till december 10th and im looking for an adventure, a ride that goes abit of the beaten track. Im looking to be doing 1200 or so kms in 8 days or so. Im looking for a group of cyclists interested. The adventure is names "misplaced" and journey into Japan exploring its natural beauty and in turn finding myself and getting a way from the pressures of modern day cycling. Getting back to the basics. Cheers forwarding this email to anyone would be great (other clubs etc) Isaac Australia
im landing in Narita.


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Welcome Isaac
I think you are going to struggle to find anyone to join you on a 1200km ride in 8 days. Most people on the forum have regular jobs so most riding is done in the early morning (in the form of training rides) and at the weekend (anything from 100 to 250km rides).
Have a good time here in Japan.
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