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Is anyone interested in riding Wakkanai-Kagoshima


Dec 26, 2015
I know its planning a bit far ahead, but I have to plan far ahead because of my work. Is anyone interested in riding Sata Misaki(Kagoshima) - Soya Misaki(Wakkanai), an end to end tour of Japan with me, over 7-8 weeks. May/Jun/Jul 2017 alternatively Aug/Sep/Oct 2016 or 2017, since it the weather won’t be too hot in the south or too cold in the north and it won’t in the high rain fall months.

About me:
I'm 25, Australian (don't hold that against me). My Japanese ability is quite basic, but slowly improving.
I'm pretty fit & pack lightly. I’m also pretty good amateur bicycle mechanic.

I should also say, that during the trip I plan to utilise a couple of relatives places, camping, and maybe every 3-5 days some cheap accommodation. I don’t plan on cooking any meals, just buying as I go since food is quite cheap here.

My ride will be my carbon fibre cyclocross bike, Ultegra Di2, hydraulic disc braked, with bikepacking bags to carry my gear.

If you’re interested let me know and we can chat a bit more.


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