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Inushishi Run (late may)


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Sep 25, 2009
Inoshishi Run (late may)

(inoshishi run – like alley cat run, but in the hills)

For a while I've been trying to think of a ride or an activity where all levels of riders can participate, (being a lower-level rider myself)

At the moment the idea is a cross between an alley cat run and a treasure hunt, perhaps closer to orienteering. There would be many checkpoints (about 20) marked on a map. Participants are given an empty map of sealed roads in the area and copy the checkpoints onto their map. Checkpoints are worth different amounts (5pts-25pts), depending on accessability, climbing, distance etc. Teams show they have reached the checkpoint by a) checkpoint's password or b) keitai sha-mail.

Some checkpoints would also have information for 'secret checkpoints' where you can go for bonus points.

Riders would ride in teams of two or three. (Two being my preference) Teams can work together if they choose.

If a team reaches the checkpoint first they take a token, which is extra points. (if two or more teams are working together, who arrived first will be decided by janken)

You can also gain points by getting signatures from other teams that you meet on the roads (after the first hour).

If I organized it, I would base it in the hills between Takasaki, Myogi, Tomioka and Annaka. It would also be in late spring, as I would need to scope those hills a bit more.

At the end, everyone would meet, eat together and prizes would be awarded for most points, most signatures from other teams, getting the 5 secret checkpoints, most points under 80/100km cycling.

So question, if I organized it, would anyone be interested?
I'm in.

Pretty country up that way. Knew a girl there once...

100km to work up a thirst, and somewhere to sate it at the end?
inushishi ?

Inoshishi, right? :confused:
Gaijin on the side.

Invite her and her sister to come along...

That's a fine idea, but she's fifteen years older than she was then, and so too would be her sister... if she has one. Two months after we stopped calling each other I found out she was engaged. This happened to me twice in two years! Either these girls in small towns get engaged quickly, or JET program ALTs are strictly Gaijin on the side.
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