Introduction of my new bike

I bought a new one. This time , it is "Red carbon" :) Red is to commemorate my sixty years of birthday:):). Red is a symbol color for the sixty.

It is a Trek madone. I looked at the Trek Project one site where you can select frame color, each component and parts. Then I made an order through a local dealer. As you may know, Trek sells only through a dealer. But thing is, when I was in US last week for a few days, I found the price there is at least 30% less than what I paid in Japan. Well, I have to financially support Trek Japan employees.


Minoru Arai


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Jul 26, 2008
Interesting--there does not appear to be much drop at all between the seat and the top of the bars...

Any comment on that?

(I ride a 3 or 4-year old Pilot 5.2)