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Introduction and Apology


Oct 15, 2008
Greetings. I feel somewhat embarrassed to have been posting away here for a while without introducing myelf. I actually wrote an introduction on my word processor last month but then FORGOT to paste it in here.... So, my apologies for that.
My name is David, from Canada, living in Koto-ku near Kiba park. I`ve been in Tokyo for 2 years; before that 4 years in Kansai and 8 years in Kyushu. Kyushu was all about cycling for me. Mostly offroad but also some triathlons (Ibusuki, Kunisaki, Amakusa) and a little road racing (including a once-only race on a just-completed section of the South Kyushu Expressway, the day before opening to car traffic). This fall the urge to get back on a road bike overwhelmed me and I`m currently almost finished building up my new love object, a Wilier Izoard. (I gave away my Cannondale Silk Road 3 years ago) My goals for riding are to do some of Japan`s `Long Rides` next year, especially Miyako, Ishigaki, Sado and maybe Notto, Aso or Kunisaki. If anyone is planning on going to these events (or any others) next year, I`d love to connect with you. Brevets sound great as well. I`m also hoping to get back in to triathlon, as I still swim and run regularly. And I will be heading to the mountains around Tokyo as soon as I get my hill-climbing legs back, though by the sounds of some of the ride-reports here on TCC, I think it will be a while before I`m anywhere but `off the back` with you guys!
Anyway, Yoroshiku!
Welcome (again) David. I used to live near where you are (in Ryogoku), but I'm now out beyond Chiba city. Let me know if you're ever heading out east for a ride and maybe we can hook up (the hills are a lot less imposing out here).
That sounds great Phil; I`ve been gazing at the penninsula in Chiba on maps and Google Earth for a while now....
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