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Jul 13, 2006
Hello everyone, my name is Rosalina :) . I'm a Brazilian who has been living in Tokyo for 10 years. I started to take cycling more seriously recently:bike: . My bike is not a professional one but I like it very much, it's a Sports Tokyobike. My longest ride so far was (and still is) from the starting point of Tamako Cycling Road and a circle around the Tama and Sayama lakes, which gives me tremendous shoulder ache each time I do it :eek:uch: . Also I don't know how long (in km) it is. Does anyone know it?

My next challenge is a ride from Mitaka (where I live) to Enoshima :bike: . Can anyone tell me if it's possible?

Thanks for now and hope to see you all soon.
Hi Rosalina,

thanks for joining our forum and welcome aboard! :welcome:

The TCC has already undertaken an unofficial tour around Tama-ko and Koganei Koen. Perhaps you can join us on one of or next short trips or a future ride in Western Tokyo. :)

Sorry to hear about your shoulder-ache. Are you sure that your stem and saddle are well-adjusted? :eek:uch:
Ola Rosalina!! Seja bem vindo ao TCC!! :welcome:
Vc e a primeira brasileira a se cadastrar nesse site. :D
Se prescisar de alguma coisa e so dar um toque pra gente ok. Espero um dia a gente se encontrar em um dos nossos passeios de bike.

Sorry guys, I just wrote few words in portuguese. :)
well, welcome to the TCC!!

I hope we can see more from you in the future.
Thanks for the nice welcome

Thanks for this warm welcome :rolleyes: ! Thomas, I don't know how to see or adjust th stem and saddle of my bicycle. Or it's a matter of time until my body ajust to cycling for long hours? :pray:

Hello Newton, so you are a Brazilian nikkey too! Good to know that and how long have you been riding in this club?

Many to you all
rosalinascorpio said:
Hello Newton, so you are a Brazilian nikkey too! Good to know that and how long have you been riding in this club?

Hi Rosalina,

yes, I am brazilian nikkei as well. :D

well, I have been riding in this club about 4 months but I ride a bike almost 2 years.
In my free time I am always riding around Tokyo and my favorite place is Hakone.

so what's your favorite place to ride around Tokyo?


Hello Newton! My favourite place at the moment is riding from the starting point of Tamako Cycling Road until Sayama and Tamako lake. I used to live there some years ago.

Sora-san, as soon as I got the route Mitaka-Enoshima done, I'll report it. I've just bought a cycle computer and still trying to install and understand how to use it.

Thanks everyone for the support.
Hello and welcome! I have a shoulder ache as well, though I think it is due to asymmetries in my body rather than the bike adjustment. It seems to happen more often when it rains, as well, though that might be from increased stress from being mindful of the road.

Maybe get someone to look at your posture on the bike, or to videotape you; then you can look for adjustments that might be good to try.
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