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Jan 27, 2009
Hi all on TCC,

My name is David J. and I want to introduce myself to the forum and also get know know other cyclists in the Tokyo/Kanto area.

I work for Specialized Japan and am mainly focused on event marketing, although I am also working in the Harajuku/Gaienmae Concept Store twice a week (usually FRI/SAT). If you have any Specialized product specific questions please feel free to hit me up.

As for my riding background, I am totally out of shape now (an understatement:) ) but I raced pro on the road for a short time in the US, and also raced track and cross extensively. My goal this year is to get back in shape and time permitting, do some races later in the year.....

Anyhow, I am off on Sundays/Mondays so if there are any good rides or you want to join me for some LSD rides let me know.


David J. :)
Welcome, David!

I'm a big fan of Specialized bikes, really like the geometry on the entire line of road bikes... My Sequoia has taken me many comfortable kilometres:

Rides are regularly posted here, although we seem to be in a bit of a quiet season right now...I think a some of us have gone into hibernation mode. Looking forward to seeing you on the road!
hahaha.....a bit of luck, and experience in the industry before :)
No experience with the LSD trips....fortunately or unfortunately.

long steady distance yo... :D
as above...


A total tangent, but I'm curious as to why the spec-sequoia model doesn't seem to have room for fenders (as does the trek pilot (I have a now now discontinued 5.2)). Any background on that?


Granted I haven`t ridden a Sequoia yet, but the one I am looking at now seems to have ample room (from my perspective) both front/rear for road fenders and is have mounting bolts. However, I can see your point when it comes to running wider tires than perhaps a 28c or so. I will see if I can pass on a word to product reps....

And Phil, thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear that your Sequoia has served you well!

Nice photo of the Specialized! I like classic round drops you have on it.
You have a nice collection of bikes!!
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