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Internal bead width and tyre width - advice?


Maximum Pace
Mar 20, 2013
Seeing as I'm actually riding again (yay), I am now in need of needlessly upgrading my Chinese Crabon tie-fighter bike with some equally grim-looking wheels.
As it stands, my current wheels have a 21mm width at the brake track, but the inner bead width is 15mm. With a 23c tyre mounted and inflated to 100psi, it is exactly* 23mm wide. Now, the thing is that I have 3mm clearance each side of the tyre in relation to the forks, ie not that much.

Seeing as wheels in the last two years or so are now supporting internal widths that would comfortably fit Beadle's arm, I'm a touch concerned that if I were to purchase something with a bead width over a particular value (17mm? 18?), I wouldn't actually be able to use them in my frame. That would make me sad. Like this guy:

Please feel free to chime in with some info on what tyres you're all running along with what width the internal bead is on your rims. Some real-life tyre width measurements would be rather splendid too.

Cheers, medears.
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