Insurance for cyclists compulsory in Kanagawa from 1 October

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Detail (all in Japanese) here:

The insurance requirement is part of a set of regulations intended to promote safe and correct use of bicycles in Kanagawa prefecture.

Although insurance becomes compulsory, there are no fines or penalties for non-observance. So... another toothless regulation.

All this follows various accidents around the country in recent years, in which cyclists have collided with pedestrians, usually while texting or otherwise not paying attention, resulting in death or serious injury. Courts have awarded massive (tens of millions of yen) damages. So while insurance is probably a good idea, cycling responsibly is an even better idea.
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Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Thanks for introducing this.
I’m sure there have been threads on the 711 and other cycling insurance, but as the plans change, I’m gonna leave this here for the reckless Kanagawan’s Cycle Insurance Comparison

Make sure you are not overpaying. Most important is having the 個人賠償責任. They even have unlimited liability coverage now.