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Inexpensive bike accessories in Japan?


Apr 6, 2008
Hey all,

I've seen quite a few posts talking about how Garmin GPS's, Mavic wheels sets, and other items are expensive here in Japan. It got me wondering, is there anything here in Japan, biking wise, that is a good deal? Shimano components immediately come to mind as a possibility, but that's just a thought.

Just trying to figure out if I have any rare opportunities to buy things while I'm here compared to back in the States.


Yeah, the only thing I can think of is Shimano drivetrain parts... Ultegra-level especially seems cheaper than North America(?), particularly if you're buying piece-meal and not an entire group from a discount place like PBK. I've seen the occasional domestic-brand tire that is cheaper, too.

Most wheels I've looked at are 25%+ more expensive here, as are complete bikes. Handlebars, stems etc seem roughly equivalent (maybe Nitto stuff will be a good deal, as they seem in demand among the fixie crowd back in NA?). Electronics (Polar, Garmin) are almost twice the price. Clothes I'm not sure about, as I almost always order from overseas because of sizing.

Anyways, just some general impressions... I'd also be interested in knowing more specifics/details on this.
Yen strong now

Yea, Some things seem cheeper in America. I think a lot of Japanese stuff was imported to US before the dollar dropped. I am going to wait till I get to the states to buy my MKS track dropout thingies on eBay. You have to check prices online. TODO
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