Help Indoor trainers

Dec 4, 2008
What's good? I recently broke my wrist and could be in a cast for a couple of months; would only use a trainer while I'm casted up. I don't want rollers, prefer the type where front wheel is removed.


Maximum Pace
Dec 4, 2006
Not sure what you mean by "front wheel off" trainers, but here are some thought for wheel on and wheel off trainers.....

I think you can get a decent non-smart/dumb trainer used on Yahoo for $50-$100 and online for $150-$300... I got hit by a 93 yr old driver, broke (and compressed) my neck, suffered partial paralysis and wanted to Zwift during my long term recovery - so I went with a "wheel on" smart trainer. Smart trainers (with ANT+ FE-C protocol or Bluetooth SMART) will modulate resistance for uphills, downhills, and drafting in a pack, and I find that the online gaming/virtual riding makes indoor training MUCH less boring... This is possible with non-smart/dumb trainers, but the smart trainers make the riding more realistic. Initially went with Elite Digital Interactive, but recently went with Cycleops Magnus. I hear Tacx Flow Smart is also pretty good. These are in the $450-$600 range, but you can find on sale online for 20-30% less. I did not go for the wheel off smart trainer. These are very quiet, but can be $1000 plus and a pain if some of your bikes are 10spd and others 11spd. Good luck on your recovery.
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