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In town for the next 3 months, Akasaka, Minato area


Maximum Pace
Sep 4, 2015

I am going to be based in Tokyo for the next few months on a short term assignment and I want to do as much riding as work / the weather (OMG is it always bucketting down?!!) will allow. I am signed up for the Taiwan KOM at the end of October so I really need to hit some hills. Back in the UK I do lots of crit racing, road racing and sportives, as well as a few of the European events (L'Etape and Vaujany this year).

Mid-week I will probably have to stick to laps of the Palace once the weather clears up so if you see a girl, possibly wearing London Dynamo kit, on a Cervelo please introduce yourself. At the weekends I am up for anything long, hilly and at a reasonable clip (a bit subjective. I know...).

I am currently utterly clueless about how to get to the various starting points / how to navigate anywhere more than about 2km from the Imperial Palace so if anyone is vaguely in the vicinity it would be great if I could join you to get to any of the ride starting points.

Anyway I hope to meet lots of you / ride with lots of you over the next few months.



Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013

The rides will start again once the rain stops. This is an unusual amount of rain and very annoying.

Group rides go out to west saitama (loads of climbing) among other places. There are also training rides in the mornings on week days. Check the Rides section (link at top of site)

Not sure of your ability / fitness, but there will be rides to suit for sure, especially if you are racing in the UK and entering Taiwan KOM, etc.

Rides usually get posted for the weekend by mid to late week.


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
You will probably want to look into buying a bike bag as well. Some weekend group rides involve taking the train to reach the mountains or get back from the mountains. There is a wiki on taking a bike on the train here. Most large bike shops like Y's Road (think there's one in Akasaka) sell bike bags.
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