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Article In These Clothes, You Can Go Far


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
To all kit-wearing, billboard-like lycra warriors, here's how you ride with style. :D


Cycling is a beautiful sport rife with fashion disasters. Surely you've seen them: weekend riders sandwiched into DayGlo spandex that makes them look like floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Wanna-be Lance Armstrongs in pro-style team uniforms (called kits) that, with their screaming colors and sponsor logos, resemble vehicles in a Nascar race. Even if you achieve a measure of sartorial class on a bike, heaven help you if you clack your cycling shoes into the office. Snickers are sure to follow.

Very elegant, but I somehow think a helmet might ruin the whole look:confused: Is this something we're gonna see you decked out in on the next TCC ride Thomas? Perhaps even climbing Mikuni in?
It's Rapha.... already some of the P.E team are sporting thier products.

On another note I was introduced to a home grown brand of designer cycling clothing called "Kapelmuur" it's by the WaveOne guys and only available online or through Aoyama-san at Sport Bike Hi Road. Great guy, excellent service!


I tried on one of their wool "Dog Tooth" long sleeve jersies and I have to say the cut and quality are very good and at 11,000 JPY isn't going to break the bank!


In Kichijoji last week I saw such a gentlemanly attired tourer and he actually looked very dignified. Leather shoes, knee height socks, tweed clothing. He was also on a lovely steel bike with polished mudguards, clip pedals etc. He was clearly a genuine cyclist, who had put a lot of effort and consideration into his bike and clothing. It was really nice to see. This look that Rapha is promoting doesn't seem to be quite so genuine and, much as I like some of their overpriced jerseys, I think I read bsnyc too much to actually go ahead and buy anything by them.
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that guy in Thomas' post looks like Frank Schleck? Could be the new CSS kit?
Lycra old fashioned?
Reviving an older thread, but I just popped out to the local combini for a coffee and there was a big group of retro tourers in the parking lot, docked out in cycling knickers, argyle socks, and wool caps, and sitting astride a variety of old-style steel bikes sporting fat tires, mudguards and quill stems.

They were probably touring the roads in the valley behind my place, some of which are quite well known for their cherry blossoms. Must admit they cut a more elegant and even dashing figure than many of our TCC combini stops, which tend to be a bit more sweaty and red-faced. :D

Not quite ready for it yet, but I can definitely see a retro steel roadie at some point in my future...
Great! Just throw in a fixie and you have the full kit. I'm still partial to my Giordano Merino 'woolies' top and bottom. They outperform any microfiber I've ever worn (inlcuding the 2XU and Pearl Izumi). Besides that, they don't smell like a Chinese Toxic dump after a hard days ride.

Base Layer - raw Silk and Egyptian Cotton blend undershirt.
Top Layer - merino jersey
Intermediate (chill preventor) - daily newspaper
Legs - Olive oil. And then the merinos.
Socks - Silk / Cotton.

Why is it impossible to get this basic gear in Japan?? (Including the paper - Gazetta Della Italia is the best for size, ink run and other multi use)
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