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Wiggle is going out of business? :eek:

I would have believed Wiggle CRC were in benefits, but it seems not.
Still some very good deals but products were much more attractive a few years back, I think, when it could sell more brands, like Shimano or Assos products that could be sent to Japan. Concurrence has been up with sites like Bike24, etc
Shimano got tired of CRC's shenanigans and closed their cheap parts loophole, starting CRC's decline.

Also the website after the redesign is utter trash, search and filters are useless.
Shimano got tired of CRC's shenanigans and closed their cheap parts loophole, starting CRC's decline.
Alternative point of view: Shimano wanted to maintain unreasonable margins in various markets (famously prices on e. g. bike24 and CRC for many Shimano parts was cheaper than dealer prices in Japan). ;)

CRC might have broken some contracts, but IMHO their strategy to sell world-wide at one price makes sense this day-and-age.
Quote from Wiggle's website:


Wiggle is no longer able to ship to customers outside of the UK.
Thank you to all of our customers around the world for your support. We wish you many happy new adventures.
If you have a query about an existing order, please find more information below or contact our customer services team in the usual way.
The Wiggle Team.


All existing international orders will be delivered as normal and we are continuing to support international customers with queries, vouchers and warranty claims.
You will also still be able to access your account, although this will be available in English only.
If you are seeking to make a return or a warranty claim, you can contact our customer services team in the usual way. If you have an existing voucher or Gift Card, use the quick links below to get in contact.

Closure of the GCN app is a sad news.
It has been a real pleasure to follow the road and cyclocross races over the past years, at a cheap price, and also because the comments were in my native language, French.
The only official alternative in Japan is JSports, but I always do not feel the same passion in the commentary as I can feel with the French or English commentators.
Beyond the streaming sites, does anyone have any recommendation for legit sites to watch races ? Any VPN necessary ?

Police panel proposes up to 12,000 yen fine for cycling violations

Japan's police agency plans to fine cyclists between 5,000 to 12,000 yen ($35-84) for traffic violations such as ignoring traffic lights or cycling while on the phone, an interim report showed Thursday. Under the system put forward by an expert panel under the National Police Agency, people aged 16 and older could be issued so-called blue tickets, while red tickets will be given for more serious violations such as cycling under the influence of alcohol. The agency hopes to finalize a proposal at the panel's meeting in January and submit a bill to parliament next year to amend the Road Traffic Act. Currently, offenders are handed a "warning slip" for minor traffic violations and red tickets for serious offenses.

I wonder...

If when cycling you are stopped by the police for a violation, and you also happen to have a driver's license, would these cycling violation citations count on the points system? Eg, could you lose your 'gold' license status for a cycling violation?

Or, when cycling, can you just sort of pretend that you don't have a driver's license, keeping a cycling violation separate?
I was curious about that myself, so just asked google sensei. There's no point system for bicycles so you won't lose points off your driver's license, but you still run the risk of getting your driver's license suspended for dangerous cycling.

The driver told police, "I thought I had driven over a curb, and when I checked, I found a person."

Be careful out there, guys.

Old news, but I've only just come across it and thought that some of you might have missed it too.

"Chartbuster: cyclist rides 7,000 miles across every Ordnance Survey map"

Quote: "Mark Wedgwood's pedal-powered odyssey traversed every one of the Landranger series' 204 maps in numerical order, from Shetland to Cornwall, took six months to complete and covered 26 separate coast-to-coast journeys through Scotland, England, Wales and the Isle of Man."

That's more than 11,000 kilometres. Landranger maps are 1:50000 (1 km is 2 cm). Here are the first few, just for the northern Shetlands:

landranger top.png

More about the man and his adventure in "Cycling Britain with OS Maps".
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Police could issue tickets to cyclists for minor traffic violations under proposed revisions to Japan's Road Traffic Act, which the Cabinet approved on March 5. The revisions add bicycles to the traffic penalty system in which police issue a "blue ticket" for minor traffic violations, and the violator must pay a fine. If the Diet enacts the revised law, it will go into effect within two years of its promulgation.

Just notified that Zwift monthly charge increases from 1600 yen to 2400 yen, effective in June. Bummer.
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