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It does not concern most of us, as bikes lovers, but just a remind the new rule starts tomorrow.
I wonder how the increased adoption of helmet use will correlate the decline in mask use?! Probably similar curves!

I hope helmet use is policed sensibly to gradually shift everyone into wearing helmets without stopping people getting on their bikes in the meantime.

Cycling may be even more dangerous, relatively speaking, than I had realized:

(just for a couple of seconds from circa three minutes in; though this is worth watching in its mostly-cycling-irrelevant entirety).
I haven't kept tabs on Shimano's stance on failing Hollowtech cranks, do they have a recall program or at least exchange cranks for free?
Compass today expostulates about mainstream thinking, circa 2003: "To think that 3×10 was a popular choice when BQ started, as if anybody needed 30 gears!"

I'm pretty happy with at least 28 of the options provided by my own 3×10, though recently I haven't been riding it much. (I've been spending a lot more time on my 3×5. All 15 of these are fine, though I try to avoid two of them.)

I'm surprised and happy to see this quadruple, and at a very reasonable price.
I have three bikes, all triples. One is a road bike (ultegra group, I think from 2006). Also, all rim brakes.
Beware of posting your MTB rides and runs on Strava (at least if in your main job as a submarine captain you have recently ordered cruise missile strikes on civilians in cities of a neighbour country that your country is invading).

One of his last rides was "liked" by Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine'a military intelligence:

Not very good opsec for the Ukrainian intel guy either if he used his real name.
Not very good opsec for the Ukrainian intel guy either if he used his real name.
Unlike the Russians, the Ukrainians take opsec very seriously. Budanov (if it's him) is unlikely to post any more activities on his account than he has shared so far: ZERO.

The account was probably created under that name specifically to send a message.
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Calling all plutocrats! The new model Campagnolo Super Record groupset has been briefly tested.

(Too long, didn't watch? In brief: I'm not entirely sure about Tourney, but Claris certainly seems preferable.)
Sorry, tubes (not even lightweight ones) and all that other old school stuff for me.
A foreign cyclist in his 30s died on a Yokohama Expressway. :(

Such bad news yeah I'm ready just bad news to hear that it's so sad I actually.
I know that part of the expenseway. Not conducive to cycling. I guess we'll never know what was on his mind...

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