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Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Peloton as a security risk?

Most US presidents going back to Jimmy Carter have been physically quite active. Carter was into running until he had knee surgery at age 80. Reagan worked out in a gym. Bush Sr. was a golfer. Clinton was a runner, which helped him maintain his weight despite overeating. GW Bush is a cyclist and used to be a marathon runner. Obama is a pretty good basketball player and also worked out in the gym. And Biden, besides the exercise bike, is also a golfer. There was somebody else who isn't really into sports and whose name escapes me at the moment, but it doesn't really matter now ;)

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Interesting article in Bikepacking about the 2021 Concours de Machines, including historical context. It's a recently-revived event.

"The Concours de Machines is not a race, but a technical competition between different machines. At the end of each stage, the bikes are weighed, graded, examined, and classified. Any deterioration is penalized. The winning bike is the one that displays the best compromise between technical innovation and reliability in the field."

Plenty of bike(packing) porn, plus some tips on what to take with, if you read between the lines.


And rinkō bags in France!



Maximum Pace
Jan 29, 2014

Ticket to ride: Shizuoka Prefecture shifts gear on turning Izu Peninsula into Japan’s cycling mecca

"Three years on, Japan's only keirin school was inaugurated close by and, in 2011, the nation's first velodrome was unveiled within the CSC grounds"

In the country of Keirin, I am really surprised to learn there was not any velodrome until 2011


Maximum Pace
Jan 24, 2018

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I'm also a dinosaur owner and can totally relate. I left my knog lights charging unmonitored for about 30 minutes. Came back to find none of the four had buttons left.
He sometimes perches on my bike, so I hope to learn from this poor cyclist and at least keep an eye on him.
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