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Well, If he is telling it like it was, then the cyclist was an . But i bet there is more to the story
I wonder which Ferrari.... can't think of any great 'grab' points where I could hold onto for 2 minutes.... :rolleyes:
Only a few years ago this wouldn't have been a problem as Warne would've never fit in any Ferrari.
Oh well, That's too bad, I guess Warnie is the tosser we all know him as....
Cyclist taking it to the next step.
Civil action
If this Warne fellow has half a brain, or a lawyer with half a brain, he'll pay up and be done with it.
Couldn't he be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, if his car actually hit the cyclist?
Warne? I hear that and think Warne Marsh. Ne plus ultra is a great disc.

Marsh often dueled with Konitz on sax, as often with Tristano on piano.

What does this have to do with cycling?

Just the name. One Warne is apparently a dildo, the other was an artist.
Many thanks mate.
As I view that article, I'm offered "selections video" to the right. (Shouldn't that be "video selections"? Well, whatever.) Currently top of the list is:

Woman charged with having sex with skeleton / A 37-year-old Swedish woman pleaded not guilty to charges she engaged in sexual activities with a skeleton.

Having only drunk one (1) coffee today, I don't think I'm yet psychologically prepared for this video.

(And is this really the Sydney Morning Herald? I smell Murdoch.)
"Cycling or walking to school increases a child's ability to concentrate in the classroom, the results of a Danish study published Friday showed."


I sent this article to several higher-ups at my school today (with a google translation)--they like to say how they serve a good ¥100 breakfast to get students up, awake, and to school on the early side.

I suggested they open the gym and pool mornings from 7 to 9, and that they should especially encourage the heavier and smoking faculty to go. (far more efficient faculty development than sitting thru a guest lecture or reading another email about it!!)
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