In Shinjuku, from USA, Need Assistance


Oct 20, 2007

I am currently in Shinjuku and need some assistance on bicycles. I am looking for the Bianchi Mini Velo and the Tecktro 900A brake. I went to Y's Road (both locations in and around the BYGS building) but they don't have either one.

Does anyone know where I can find these items? I don't speak Japanese so I'm not sure how to call a bike shop and ask if they have the items I'm looking for.

Thanks for any help.

MINI V Bianchi

MAX, I got my Mini Vela Bianchi at Y's near the Tokyo tower. They had one 55 cm. in celeste, brooks saddle, mountain bar left a month ago. I got the cheep one because I an going to switch out all the parts anyways. Sorry I can not provide better directions. It's HELL being illiterate. Goodie lucky it's a fun little bike. TODO

PS. I wonder if they will get new models in for 2010 soon.

PPS. I saw a bunch O Gios MV at Tokyo Hands in Kawasaki you can see the place from the train station