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In Search of Reasons To Ride


Jul 21, 2020
Hey Folks,

I'm fairly new to Tokyo (about 4 months now) and looking for an excuse to get on my new-to-me bike: a 2009 Fuji Team Rival that drastically overstates my current athletic abilities.

I live in Koto-Ku near Monzennakacho, and would love to meet up with anyone willing to go on some short (<30km?), relaxed-paced rides either through the city or on some scenic river or rail trails. I have a good amount of city cycling experience having lived and commuted by bike in NYC, but that was about 10 years ago so my endurance will take some time to re-build.

Finally, if anyone has any resources or suggestions for where to bike in Tokyo, groups I should join, etc, etc - please send them my way.

Thanks all for reading.


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Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
@Half-Fast Mike can give you more info if needed
Who rubbed my lamp....?

Welcome, @AlexF

Our regular Saturday stroll goes right past mon-naka. So, for instance, if you can find your way to Roppongi Hills for the start, you can join the ride and then bail as we go past. Or go for two laps...


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Thanks for speedy replies, @bloaker and @Half-Fast Mike . Just joined the half-fast mailing list. Rappongi Hills is not too far - what time do y'all usually gather there? Also, is this a rain-or-shine kind of thing, or fair weather only?
If on the mailing list - expect an email on either Thursday or Friday of the week giving the weekend ride options.
They will also usually put in the description of the ride if the event is possibly going to be canceled.
They also note the length or rides, difficulty, etc... so you have options from fun little rides to some endurance options.
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