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May 22, 2007
A FaceBook fiend and former-life jiu-jitsu buddy sent me this...


Synopsis for the hard-of-Tubing: an amateur cyclist thinks he is out for a quiet Sunday ride in the mountains. As he reaches the top, the bewildered rider is greeted by a mob of revellers who receive him as if he's just won a TDF mountain stage.

It's pretty funny. But also got me thinking about image training and motivation for getting up those darned hills. Although I enjoy high-tech gadgetry for route planning, navigating, and recording, I've not yet explored the psychological side of ride planning.

So, hill and/or speed demons (and anyone else), competitive or otherwise... what do you do? Visualize every turn in your mind? Or just saddle up and pedal for all you're worth?

The Pelton is eating away the gap I've created..... got to keep going, ignore the pain, its tempory, only glory is eternal!
If I get to point Y at X o'clock I will be in the peloton... if not... the time difference is how far behind or how far out in front from the peloton I am. Usually this is a set point (Noda Bridge) on my way home from any ride. Always make it a challenge and it usually is a tight finish.
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