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IM japan (Phil)


Feb 17, 2007
congretulations philip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:24:22 7:43:20 4:10:27 11:53:47 204

TOTAL SWIM - 3.8 km 1:24:22 2:13/100m 397

TOTAL BIKE 180 km (7:43:20) 23.31 km/h 282

FIRST RUN SEGMENT - 22.5 km 22.5 km (1:48:29) 4:49/km
RUN FINISH - 42.2 km 19.7 km (2:21:58) 7:12/mile
TOTAL RUN 42.2 km (4:10:27) 5:56/km 204
Well Done Phil

that looks like a really good and consistent set of results across the three. Well done indeed mate !!!

Thanks Christoph & Charles . . .

Well done to Gilles and Kerren who both completed the race in very fast times :pray: They make me feel very humble.

I did finish :) However, my times were very disappointing :( From the start my condition was poor. I guess I never properly recovered from my previous triathlon. That's life. You win some and you lose some. Most important I enjoyed the weekend, learned some lessons - and there is always the next race :D


Hi Paul . . .

Thanks for asking. I finished in 11 hours 53 mins. After completing the Miyako-jima Triathlon in April in 9 hours 29 mins I was dissappointed with my performance in IM Japan. My goal was to finish under 10 hours 30 mins. However, from the beginning I just felt tired and less than motivated.

Both the weather and the course were excellent. The swim was well marked and water calm. The bike course was challenging involving a total climb of over 2KM - but fun. The run had only a few hills and many aid stations. Gilles and Keren both posted good times. So I had no excuses :(

Now I am looking forward to Sado Island Triathlon in September.



PS - It is rumoured this may have been the last IM Japan.
Phil and others

I hope it's not going to the last. Where did you here that from?

What are your plans next year? I'm thinking of putting together a crew that will train together and prepare for an IM next year. I was looking at doing Japan but if that is not a goer, then maybe either IMOZ, IMNZ or maybe IM germany.

What do you think? Would you be interested.

it going to be a 12mth plan focusing on single sport periods mainly for the next 6mths and then slowly transitioning into IM training from about 20wks out.

Let me know


Congratualtion Philip, sorry I couldn't meet you in Goto island but I just stayed from friday night to monday morning.
IM Japan was an excelllent race, I improve my best IM time by 30min.
now, I hope to do some shorter distance triathlons during my time in Japan, maybe the sado island half-ironman.
For the my next Ironman, it could be western Australia in december if am i still in japan at that time.

PS : the bike delivery system is excellent, I got my bike back yesterday.

Congrats on doing a 30min PB. What time did you end up with?

I've done WA and it may not seem like a tough course but it is. The bike is brutual when the winds pick up. training here in tokyo is perfect for WA as it is completely flat. Top elevation of 2m and that's to get over a bridge.

it can either be a fast day or a long day and it totally depends on the winds.

Goodluck with it.
Theres are pretty good group starting to form on a Saturday morning if your keen.

6.00 am ride 2hrs (meet at Imperial palace, bring run/swim gear in small back pack)
8.00 am run 40-50min
9.00 am swim 1hr (David offers free coaching and you only pay for pool entry)

I usually then head out on Sunday for a solo ride which consist mainly of easy to Steady efforts. just getting over an injury at the moment and will resume this in around 6weeks time. I usually do around 4-6 hrs.

These two weekend sessions are perfect for IM training and anyone is welcome to join, roadies included :D

Hi Gilles . . .

Congratulations on your great finish time! I told my wife and her friend your race number (and Kerens) so they were able to cheer you. They probably pronounced your name incorrectly :D I am glad you got your bike back OK. Western Australia in December - that sounds tempting :)

You should talk to Paul (Fluro2au) who is Australian and is an experienced triathlete - he has completed a triathlon in 10 hours! Paul is interested in forming a group for training (see above).

You may want to join Christoph and I on our long weekend rides (200km +). Let me know if your interested.



Once I have my feet back in order you can expect me to be a regular on that ride with you guys.

I just need to nip this metetarsalsgia problem in the butt before I can ramp up the long miles once again. I'm keen as mustard.

I've just started riding again with new shoes that are wider and things are feeling better all ready. it's frustrating not being able to fully train.

The last IM Japan???

Hi Paul,

The local authorities seriously questioned whether to host IM Japan this year. The Mayoress voted against it. The cost is very high because they have to close all the major roads and bring in additional police from the mainland. In addition, the event is smaller than Miyakojima and Sadojima who have to limit applications (IM Japan was unable to fill all their spots) so income from the event for the islanders is not meeting expectations. To make matters worse IM Korea is offering stiff competition for entrants. The local authority went ahead this year but the opposition may win the argument next year.


Christoph . . .

I cannot wait to rejoin our weekly ride . . . I miss your German understatement and humor :D (and chocolate ice creams from 7-11).

This weekend I must rest. However, 30th June I will be back in the saddle :bike: What are you doing?


Yes - me too, because i need that mad english one who goes runing for another 20km after a 240 km ride....;-)
congrtulations - to your finishing, for me this would be the first target....!!
what i'am doing - i just came back from one week in korea - so one further week without cycling (and sleep) - and tomorrow it will be goodday to go to yamanakako - rainy and weet :rolleyes:

see you


I cannot wait to rejoin our weekly ride . . . I miss your German understatement and humor :D (and chocolate ice creams from 7-11).

This weekend I must rest. However, 30th June I will be back in the saddle :bike: What are you doing?



Hi Phillip and Giles,

Sorry that I did not get to meet you both down at Goto. But Phillip, I did hear someone yell out my name a couple of times who was not one of my friends, so it must have been your wife. Thanks for that, it gave me a nice boost.

It was my second time at Goto after last year, and my third IM after Korea in 2005. Was aiming to go under 11 hours (11:45:13 last year), but I could only do 11:29:41 for a 16 minute PB. Picked up time in both the swim and bike, but I found the run very tough in that heat so I did not go close to my target time of 3:45. The hot weather caught me out and I was not carrying nearly enough salt tabs. I tend to cramp during the run and the big problem was that I dropped my small supply of pills on the bike.

You may not have heard this, but I spoke to a bloke who was out on the course doing the live updates and he said the temperature maxed out at 35C with 85% humidity at around the 14km mark on the run. This seems correct as I was actually right on my target time until 15km and this is when the heat got me. One of my friends collapsed at the 18km and got carted off to hospital, but he was ok.

Swim 1:09:46 Bike 6:08:30 (actual bike 6:00:30) Run 4:41:25 Total 11:29:41
156 over all and 13th in the M45 to 49s. One good thing is that I beat all of my four training partners who also raced. :D

Can't be too disappointed with my time as I achieved my main goal of finishing which validated my slot for Kona in October. (as a lottery winner) Overall it was a great race and I met a lot of good people there, with some qualifiying for Kona. Kate Major was very friendly and gave me some great tips about racing at Kona. And with the heat, it turned out to be a great training race.

My next race is a half at Suzu in Ishikawa-ken at the end of August. Decided not to go Sado this year as I have done the half twice before and it is also a good race. Anyway, I will join some of these rides soon as I really need to work on my bike leg. But will now take a couple of weeks off first before I start training again. And I plan to join Paul's sessions as well, that is if I can keep up. :eek:


Hi Keren . . .

Congratulations on your new best time! You are very welcome to join Christoph and I on weekend rides whenever you choose. I will be very jealous if you bring that Cervelo along ;)

I believe you are a member of Namban Rengo? I used to know Ian before he returned to the US to become a lawyer. I run for Komazawa Koen jogging club. We must have crossed each others paths many times before at marathon and ekiden races.

I am entered for Niigata, Teganuma and Tsukuba. My goal is to get below 2 Hours 40 mins this year. I have also made my entry for Tokyo. It is tough maintaining full running training whilst attempting to develop my cycling ability.

I only took-up cycling seriously this year - but I have become a big fan and really enjoy the weekend ride. I need to focus on more race pace work mid-week - but this clashes with running. How do you manage your time???


How do you manage your time???

4.30am wake every morning my friend. :eek:uch:

It's great doing most of my training before I go to work. Then I generally do just lighter stuff in the evenings, ie mainly swimming, shorter runs, chasing after the missus :D

4.30am wake every morning my friend. :eek:uch:

Enough of that Paul, you are setting an example that us mere mortals can't follow! :p I find it very tough to get up at six to cram in a one hour ride or spin before work, let alone for a long ride like you do. Maybe this is why my bike leg still sucks? But I have still managed to improve it by 50 minutes since my first IM, and I need to drop it further.

Phillip: Having a trainer at home has been a big help and I have some spinning DVDs that I watch that really help to pass the time. I used to do the spin classes at Y's, but have not done so this year as I think I can do harder work outs at home. Yes, I do run with Namban Rengo and we probably have raced many times. I did Tokyo this year, but probably not next year even though I have already registered for it just in case. The club also always has a big turn out for the Ohtawara marathon in Tochigi in November, but I think I will just do the 10km race there.

When is Tsukuba? I hear it is a good race as well. My marathon PB is 3:25 (Tokyo this year) but I think I can get it down to sub 3:15 if I just concentrate on running. And I hope to do Strong Man next year, if I can get a slot.

Paul: you might be interested on this swim next month on the 7th. "Rough Water Swim" at Kamakura and there are 5km, 3km and 1.5km solo races and relays. Wetsuits are allowed, but I will not wear one as practice for Kona. I have entered the 3km and we are putting a couple of teams together for the relay on the same day. Too bad it is on the same day as Phil's Fuji Tozan ride. Here is the link -


As for my Cervelo; too bad I am not worthy for it. :eek:uch:

All "Iron-men" are nuts!

I've seen the distances, and speeds that you guys race at,,, and I wonder, how can you say "that was FUN! I had a great time!"?
Masochistic bastards!

I'm an Aussie, so I can swim - I'm no Ian Thorpe though - But I reckon I can hold my own in the water.
The run is where you guys might take me down!
I haven't run since 5th grade.
If any one of you guys (Philip, Astroman, or fluro2au) want to take me "running" one time, I'll be glad to give it a try! Seriously, no joking, I'd like to try the "running" & "swimming" side of cycling.
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