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I'm from Brazil.

Burg Junior

Oct 25, 2013
Hi everybody, I came from Brazil 1st of September and will stay here for 6 months (till Feb, 2014). I bought a Giant Escape Air on 3rd of September and did almost 2000 km in 50 days. I'm living at Ikebukuro and I use to ride almost every evening 25/35 km plus some extra rides at weekends.

21st and 22nd o September I completed the BRM 600 at Hachinohe in 37 hours. I'm ok to ride just for fun aroundthe city or also for long distance in roads and hills.

Burg Junior.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Welcome to TCC, Burg Junior! I also rode a 600 on Sep 21/22 but DNFed. Hope to see you on a ride some time.
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