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Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
Please Excuse My absence from the forums I was in America.

I went to Washington and earned my certification as a Bikefit Pro. A "Bikefit Pro" is someone whom attends 2 day's of extensive hands on training at the Bikefit headquarters in Kirkland Washington. I worked with Tony Corke on the first day with two other students. We learned about the foot pedal interface and fit 2 athletes that day. It was a great experience as one of the athletes had a severe leg length discrepancy. Most people have arms or legs that are different lengths. In fact, it is normal for leg lengths to be different by as much as one centimeter. The athlete we worked with this day had closer to four centimeters. We worked and worked and were able to fit him properly. Great learning experience!

I arrived at the Bikefit school one day late. For that reason the owner and creator of The Bicycle Fitting System Paul Swift worked one on one with me for eight hours. Paul is Gold Medalist at the 1998 Goodwill Games, 8-time US National Champion, US National Cycling Team member 1983 to 1997, competed at World Championships & World Cup events and is the creator of the second oldest bike fitting system around. Needless to say I was in good hands!

Paul and I fit one cyclist together and we also assessed my own foot pedal interface. Paul is a great guy and I learned so much from him. He answered every question I had about fit. I have fit hundreds of cyclists. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject, so when I have to pay money for education on the subject, you best believe I wrote down a series of questions, to which he answered with the greatest of clarity.

I am now a Bikefit certified Pro!

Now What you ask?

If that was not enough I decided to travel to Minnesota. Why? I sought out Chris Balser, the Bike Fit Guru.


A guru (Sanskrit: गुरु) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others. I asked Chris to accept me as his humble grasshopper and he accepted. I worked with him for 15 hours fitting multiple athletes. I learned more from Chris in that time than I have in my entire life. He did this all for free. He is a true Guru! I have so much respect for him and learned so much I can not put into words. My deepest respect to him.

Namaste Chris Balser! Chris Also fit me using a host of really awesome (cant swear on the forums) equipment including Retul, Computrainer Spinscan, EMG analysis in Conjunction with Cycling Movement Patterns. I got set the F*$k up! Never more comfortable in my life on a bicycle. The biggest change was to a wider stance width, custom insoles and most of all being taught how to pedal! I thought I knew but the EMG showed me how to get every watt out of my muscle and the computrainer confirmed it! I also visited San Francisco , got my mind right with some old friends and demode the new Yeti SB66 from Big Swingin Cycles, my old work place http://www.bigswingincycles.com/ (scroll down to see Yeti I rode) through GGP.

Let me know if I can make your bike fit you. I am confident I can make you a better athlete. I am now gonna smoke this Cuban StuInTokyo gave me (I wont inhale) because with this entry my journey is over. A good moment indeed.

Thanks for reading.




Sep 2, 2009
Welcome back!

Bloody brilliant post. Enjoyed every word of it!

I was thinking just now; there is a hell of a pool of talent in the club. Good work on going and doing all that mate.


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Bike Fit

I popped round to see Chuck on Sunday for my bike fit. Long overdue if you remember my posts about pain on my bike from November, but work had got in the way.
Anyway, a big recommendation from me. Chuck did a great job and is a thoroughly decent chap. He provided much needed advice on a range of bike things as well as the fit itself. Really looking forward to getting back on my bike this weekend.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Glad you had a successful trip!

Did you bring me back a Soma Smothie from the shop in SF? :rolleyes:


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Sounds like a great trip, enjoy the Cuban Chuck!:cool:


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Hope you missed the fires they had there, how was the world series? Did you get to vote for Mitt? Glad to have you back, seems like only a month or two ago you were posting about coming to Tokyo for fittings, I must be getting old.


Sep 2, 2009
Hope you missed the fires they had there, how was the world series? Did you get to vote for Mitt? Glad to have you back, seems like only a month or two ago you were posting about coming to Tokyo for fittings, I must be getting old.


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