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I'm An Englishman in Tokyo..wooah oh....


Jan 13, 2010
Allo chaps,
Just a quick allo and hoping to get some good advice about parts n things over here in Tokyo.
Ive been riding for years back in Blighty, nothing special just long hauls to and from Uni and then to and from work on a racer type bike (I havent quite gotten a hold of the bike lingo).
Ive been riding a motorbike for the last 6 years here and have only just recently got back into cycling due to my shaken running out!!
So now I have a fixed wheel type, this is my second one in Japan (1st one was lost when I got wasted after a serious Hanami party).

Currently getting it ready for a quick DIY paint job and so I'll be back on the road pretty soon.

Im a bar manager in Roppongi so who knows maybe we could all do a meet n greet one day in my place....(adverts end now)


(Camden Town, London Boyo)
Welcome aboard - there are a few of us road fixie types hanging about , so feel free to join up for a ride or 2. BTW - which bar in the Pong? We occasionally start from around there on Sat /Sun mornings so it may be convenient for you after you shutter up ... hehe.
Was out for a semi-early today. We'll hit it again tomorrow AM if you're up for it. Nothing hardcore - just a couple hours of calorie burning.
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