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Ideas for community book?


Sep 30, 2010
I am an Australian writer working on a book which will showcase some of the interesting and innovative ways people are sharing resources, food, space and fun in cities around the world. We came across the Tokyo Cycling Club with its fabulous mission of combining cross-cultural cycling and social drinking - fantastic - and wondered if one of its founding fathers might be up for a phone or email chat about how the social rides work, some fun anecdotes, and perhaps how they create sense of community and belonging? If there are other interesting things going on in your local Tokyo community we'd love to hear about them too.

(My co-author Spiri Tsintziras and I put out a book last year called Parlour Games for Modern Families which won Book of the Year for Older Children in the Australian Book Industry Awards and will be published in the UK this year, and China and Italy next year. You can check it out at www.myfanwyjones.com.)
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