Article Iam back

Oi ya all. BEWARE. I am back in Japan for another fun filled winter ! I have my Tom Ritchey here again. Ti break away frame and carbon fiber Durace parts. A sweet ride. [ I wish I could go fatter than 25c on the tyres though.] I am running Monkey light blinky spokes [ 3 FWD 2 AFT ] so you can definitely see me at night when I mostly ride. Around Yokosuka, Yokohama and some up in Tokyo. I have the Japan maps for my Garmin GPS on my bars but I think I did better just winging it. I pay less attention when I have the GPS. But lost in Japan can be VERY good. We did Yoko to Yoka to Yoko last weekend, got lost and ended up riding a third of the way back and missing the tide flats industrial area. I was stoked,:bike: it was the longest ride I had since last winter here and my legs felt like alligators.


Caf, Happy you are happy with your Tom. My sweets has a steel one and it's a GREAT bike. I cut up a bunch of tire tubes and covered the frame on mine so it's kinda flat black and stealthy ghetto looking. Also got some bomb proof 36 spoke wheels on him. In Ti it;s a SWEET ride and the Durace works fine. O and lettuce not forget the Monkey Electric LED blinky spoke lights. O and MY initals are TR too, how cool is that ? TODO Royall