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IAC: Cycling and Snorkling in Chiba


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
:: Posted on behalf of Brian ::

Post here if you are interested in joining, or contact me through PM, I'll get you in contact with Brian.

In Depth Reconnaisance
Cycling and Snorkling in Chiba

Date: Sat, Aug 12
Place: Chiba, in the vicinity of Kanaya, Tokyo Bay Coast of Chiba
Cost: About 2500 yen plus food and beer

The details:

Take the Keihin Kyuko to Kurihama, catch the ferry to Kanaya, ride to a small coffee shop/restaurant at the base of Nokogiri yama, cache you swim suit, snorkle, fins face mask etc., ride the quiet hills south of Nokogiri yama, return to the coffee shop about noon, change into swimming wear, explore the cove surrounded by rock reefs, eat lunch, drink beer, change back to cycling clothes, ride to the ferry terminal (onsen available 100meters from the terminal) and catch the ferry home.

A full day of action packed adventure.

I have arranged with the owner of the coffee shop to watch our stuff while we ride, so put your swimming stuff into a day pack to leave with her.

The food seems good, the beer is cold, but the toilet doesn't have running water and there is no changing room (we have to use the bushes, but there are plenty of them). Nonetheless, the place is just seconds off the main highway to Tateyama and only a couple of km south of Kanaya.

Then it is off to the quiet back roads of near Hota. I have explored these roads thoroughly, so we can adjust the ride to the interests and ability of the participants. The shortest loop is about 30 km and is moderately hilly. Longer routes of any length are available, including over the highest peak in Chiba (408 m).

The mama-san of the coffee shop would like to know how many to expect, so let me know if you are interested.


Lv Shinagawa 6:40 Keihin Kyuko
Ar Kurihama 7:37 assemble bikes ride to ferry terminal
Ar Ferry 7:55, buy tickets, board ferry
Lv Kurihama 8:05 on ferry
Ar Kanaya 8:45, ride off ferry
Ar Coffee shop 9:00 drop snorkling gear
Ride 2 to 3 hours
Ar Coffee shop 11:30 or so
Swim 2 or 3 hours aim to catch a ferry back at about 3 PM, arrive back at Shinagawa at about 5 PM

If the start above is too early, we could aim for the next ferry which leaves at 8:40. Please tell me whether the above schedule is too tough.

Organize, chief scout: Brian Johnson

:bike: :bike: :bike: :bike: :bike: :bike: :bike: :bike:
That looks cool!! I want ride more Chiba area....:bike:

Unfortunately, I have to work this day but anyway that for sharing.
It is atractive, but I'm still in Tohoku area.:eek:uch:

I am looking forward the next one.
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