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May 22, 2007
I wonder if the gaijin cyclist who witnessed my contretemps with an disproportionately incensed minicar driver this morning at 07:50 is a member here?

Not sure if said gaijin cyclist's cry of "Abunai!"' was directed at me or the alleged motorist*.

I know bicycles aren't allowed on the overpass. In my defence, your honor, I've ridden it twice a day for over four years and the only problems I've ever experienced have been with busybody four-wheelies and their klaxons. (PB entry speed is 64kph ;)) Used to be they didn't allow motorcycles on there either.

Anyway, whoever you are, I expect I'll see you out there again one morning fairly soon.

Keep the rubber side down, folks!


*Definition of poor motorist: anyone who does anything that impedes my imagined progress.
Not I sir......

But I did meet another Gaijin rider up on Route 246 on Monday evening at one of the intersections traffic lights around 7-7:30pm, he was waiting on the pavement for the lights to change...... exchanged brief nods and information about the length of our daily commutes.....was wondering if it was any of you guys?
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